He Created….Much Like A Carpenter

Let us turn back to Genesis.

Genesis 1:1-2

The word ‘beginning’ is a reference to time.  The word ‘heaven’ is a reference to space.  Now in this space, there are no stars, planets, moons, sun, etc.  It is just empty three dimensional space.  The word ‘earth’ means matter and this matter is only water molecules as we will read later.  This earth is not the earth we inhabit today.  This earth, or matter, is without form as we will read in verse two.

We also read in verse one that God created, which means He created time, space, and matter out of nothing.  This is the beginning of God’s universe, and to have a universe we need time, space, and matter.  If you eliminate any one or more of these three things, you will no longer have a universe.  According to empirical science, there is only one universe which is made up of all three things.  So the universe is a type of a trinity.  God is a trinity: God the Father; God the Son; and God the Holy Spirit.  God’s creation reflects His nature.

Genesis 1:1-2

The earth in verse two is the same earth as in verse one.  This earth is without form.   In the Noah Webster’s 1828 dictionary, the word ‘form’ is defined as a determinate shape.  So the word without form means the earth does not have any determinate shape.  God is speaking in construction terms.  It is like a carpenter preparing to build a house.  Before he starts the construction, he first has to deliver the building materials to the construction site.  He will have lumber, plywood, nails, etc.  These building materials are neither waste nor in chaos.  They are usually very expensive and piled up in an orderly way.  But the building is without form.  As the contractor builds the house, it begins to take shape.  When he is finished, the building now has determinate shape.  This is what God is trying to tell us in verse two.  His universe does not have determinate shape yet, but at the end of six days it will have that shape.  It sounds like God is a carpenter.


Richard Stepanek

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