Leakey: Evolution Debate Will Soon Be History

Mary Jo & I may as well retire and head for some remote island where we can kick up our feet and sip on pineapple juice. According to Kenya’s well-known paleoanthropologist, Richard Leakey, the creation vs. evolution debate is soon to be over.

An article posted on msnbc.com says that Leakey predicts that ‘sometime in the next 15 to 30 years …  scientific discoveries will have accelerated to the point that “even the skeptics can accept it [evolution].”

Leakey made the absurd claim that “you can lay out all the fossils that have been collected and establish lineages that even a fool could work up.” The truth is that the evidence is very sketchy at best, and the lineages presented in books, museums, and TV specials are very much the imaginative work of artists that “fool” those who do not ask the question, “what’s the evidence?”

Even though it sounds fun to head to some remote island where I can kick up my feet and sip on pineapple juice, I don’t think this debate will be wrapped up any time soon. To me, the evidence is becoming clearer that evolution just doesn’t work scientifically. All the while, the die-hard atheists are making more and more sweeping claims that evolution is a fact and religion is dead.

If I were so bold as Leakey to make such predictions, I would say that a majority of scientists will soon see the absolutely unfathomable complexity of living organisms on the cellular and molecular levels and finally realize atheism is out, God is in!

Nope, we’re not ready to retire.  Mary Jo & I, as well as the rest of us at AOI, will continue to proclaim that evolution is bankrupt!


Dave Nutting

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