Colorado National Monument – A Monument to What?

In April, I had the opportunity to lead a school field trip in the Colorado National Monument.   There were about twenty students and staff that came along for the hike.  We stopped at a number of places along the trail to explain some of the geology.  I explained both the evolutionary model and the creation model for the formations we were observing; either there was a lot of time and little water or little time and a lot of water.

The students and the staff both agreed it looked like catastrophic geology.   I also explained what we were observing was the result of God’s wrath.  Most of the geological formations were from the aftermath of the world-wide flood of Noah’s day.  This is a witness to the just nature of God.  God will judge evil, but He is also a loving God.  He wants to save all of us from this present evil world and bring us to a wonderful place which He will reveal in the future.  If the geology from God’s wrath is so beautiful, what will His future paradise look like!


Rich Stepanek

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