Not Enough Time

Sorry Dave (in response to Savings from Daylight Savings???)!  We only have soooo much time.  Some people would like to have more days in a week like Dave, but it doesn’t work.  The French tried it during the French Revolution.  They implemented the French Republican Calendar in the later part 1793.  The plan for the new calendar was to change the seven day week into a ten day week.  This was to remove all religious (Biblical) and royalist influences from the calendar.  The project did not work.  Man and his domesticated animals had a hard time functioning in a ten day week.  The French Republican Calendar ended in 1805, officially thrown out January 1st, 1806.

Studies have shown the seven day week, six days of work and one day of rest, is the most efficient week there is.   In every country I have traveled they all use the seven day week.  In these countries Sunday is usually the day of rest.  I find this very interesting.  So Dave if you can’t get it done in seven days you are out of time, Daylight Savings time, or not.


Rich Stepanek

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