Dragon and Dinosaur Connection

Mary Jo & I were giving a seminar in Parachute, Colorado, a few days ago. I had just finished my presentation on Dinosaurs and Dragons, when Bruce came up to talk with me. He was wearing a blue T-shirt from his school sporting the school emblem – a dragon. The specific emblem he had on his T-shirt was of a common dragon found in Asian and European cultures. I had just finished talking about that in my lecture, specifically since a Stanford University lecturer had mentioned how much this popular dragon looked like a new fossil, which was called Dracorex.

The Stanford lecturer thought the dragon “mythology” came from people who must have seen fossils of the dinosaur and made pictures to resemble them. Her interpretation suffers a flaw, however. The dragon images are from Asia and Europe. The fossil, though, was found in North Dakota.

It is my contention that people have actually seen living dinosaurs in the past and made pictures of them. They called them dragons, a word which really means large reptile. However, this does not fit the standard evolutionary view that people and dinosaurs were separated in time by at least 65 million years. Hence, they still refer to dragons as fairy tales or “mythological.” I find this to be inadequate since there are so many different pictures of dragons that resemble modern museum reconstructions of dinosaurs. These come from all over the world.

Let me recommend two very good resources if you wish to know more about the dinosaur/dragon connection. Both are available from AOI at 970-523-9943 (800-377-1923), or online through the links below.

DVD: Dragons or Dinosaurs






Book: Dragons: Legend and Lore of Dinosaurs





Dave Nutting

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