Conferences and ‘Cowboy Communities’

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It is always encouraging to be invited back to annual teaching events. Cornerstone Bible Institute, in Hot Springs, SD, had its annual Bible conference Feb. 20th through the 24th.  I had a great week of teaching, answering questions, and just spending time in fellowship with faculty and students.  It was a unique situation, in that I had about 20 hours of total instruction time. It provided the opportunity to cover the creation/evolution issue extensively and also present...

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A Windy Night

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It was sure windy the other night with one of those notorious March winds. I couldn’t sleep even though it was late so I thought that I may as well write! Earlier, I had checked for my trash container only to realize that the wind blew it somewhere else in the state of Colorado or into Kansas. (Mark, if it makes it to Shawnee Kansas, please save it for me. I’ll pick it up on my next trip through.) Although I don’t really like the blowing winds, I am thankful for only...

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Thank you Lord, For Redeeming The Time….Even Lost Time.

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On my return flight from Raipur to Hyderabad, I had an interesting encounter with a man who lived in Bangalore, India.  It started when I struck up a conversation with him early in the flight.  He shared with me that he had a sense of urgency to talk to me.  This urgency had started when he saw me in the Raipur airport.  He wanted to talk to me then, but did not want to interrupt me as I was busy on my cell phone.  I had received a few calls from my friends who dropped me...

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From Hunting Videos and the Seriousness of Sin to Security Witnessing

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To expose the Indians to some Colorado culture, I liked to show them my elk hunting videos.  These videos are recordings of some of my family’s hunting adventures.  This was all new to them.  I was told it is illegal to hunt in India.  Needless to say, the hunting videos were a big hit. The videos also gave me the opportunity to talk about the seriousness of sin.  The Bible states that without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins.  Adam brought sin into...

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What You See Is Not What You Always Get

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The eye is an amazing and powerful optical tool.  The eye can detect colors, adjust rapidly to the brightness of the surrounding light and focus automatically.  Modern cameras have only recently started to approach this level of sophistication.  However, the eye and the brain still can do something that modern technology cannot do and that is automatically recognize its image (or picture) – even when part of it is not there or not seen clearly. Sometimes our brain can be...

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Wager the Wild Land

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Years ago, I met Dave Harper, who would eventually become an AOI Board member. A few hours after meeting, we joined Dave and his wife Barb in a restaurant. After I offered a prayer for our lunch (which I didn’t realize until later had shaken him to the core), he riveted his attention on me and asked how I, as a geologist and a Christian, reconciled the teachings of Genesis with evolution. Dave had become a Christian a short while before, but was almost afraid to open...

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Life is Too Busy!

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Recently, God has forced me to slow down due to illness.  Not such an easy thing for a person that thinks she has to be busy all the time!  I heard others complain that life is too busy and they would like to slow down. In fact, I see Christians today being so busy that the churches no longer have Sunday night or Wednesday night services, due to lack of attendance.  Is this right?  Have we allowed the world to creep into our relationship with God? Beth Moore has the...

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