Savings from Daylight Savings???

Every year I have great hopes in my brain about having some “time savings” whenever Daylight Savings time rolls around. But alas, where is it?! It must have passed me up! I certainly could use some right now as I am trying desperately to accomplish everything I “think” I need to accomplish between now and this weekend’s seminar, which incidentally, is followed up the next morning by the start of a 2 week field trip with 31 Bible college students.

Mary Jo keeps telling me, “Sorry, there are only so many hours in the day!”

Ohhhh, isn’t that consumer fraud that is making me think I will have more time? Not only would it be very nice to have extra hours during the day, but a few extra days at the end of the week would also be REALLY nice!

However, I guess that wouldn’t really work either since “there are only so many days in the week,” and years certainly can’t be stretched either! So I guess I’ll have to come up with a better solution! In the meantime, time keeps ticking away!

Make sure you stay tuned to our Blog as Richard Stepanek will be writing very soon about what happened when some countries tried to change the length of the week. That should be interesting!

Dave Nutting

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