A Windy Night

It was sure windy the other night with one of those notorious March winds. I couldn’t sleep even though it was late so I thought that I may as well write! Earlier, I had checked for my trash container only to realize that the wind blew it somewhere else in the state of Colorado or into Kansas. (Mark, if it makes it to Shawnee Kansas, please save it for me. I’ll pick it up on my next trip through.)

Although I don’t really like the blowing winds, I am thankful for only 20 -45 mph winds rather than the recent gusts of 170 mph in some parts of the country.  I am also thankful that the winds carry air pollutants away from here and deposit them somewhere east of here. Fortunately, there is no large city close-by west of us. Wind is certainly one of God’s ways of keeping air from getting stagnant.

It was a similar night about 20 years ago that inspired my son, Tim, to write a song which ended up on one of his 4 CD’s he had recorded (you can find some of his music on Itunes). The lyrics of his song which is entitled “Inside the Shadow” are:


Image taken from http://www.timothypaulband.com.

Inside the shadow of your wings I hide

Inside the shadow of your wings I hide

The winds, they blow around me outside

The winds, they blow around me outside


But I will not be moved

No, I will not be moved

I will not be moved

‘Cause in the shadow of Your wings I hide


So, the winds blowing that night remind me not only of Tim and his song he wrote when he was in high school, but they also remind me of God’s care for His Creation, and for me and those I love. I can truly be thankful for this March wind reminder that God is in control.


Dave Nutting

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