Living Mammoth in Siberia??

Reports are circulating on the internet and in some newspapers about video footage taken in Siberia of a living mammoth crossing a river. People have been asking my opinion. My first reaction at viewing the image was that it looked good. However, as I looked much more closely and viewed the footage over and over again, I really don’t think it is a mammoth as much as I would like it to be one.

First, the footage is rather blurry, not a good sign, which makes it look like a hoax. Second, the image looks much more like a brown bear and the “trunk” is likely that of a good size fish in its mouth.  Others have pointed to problems with the current and even suggest that the image is super-imposed. That is possible, but it may likely be a hungry bear who had a successful fishing endeavor.

According to standard evolutionary models, Mammoths were supposedly extinct about 10,000 years ago. So this would shake up old notions if it were proved to be valid. However, in an earlier blog (April 8, 2011), I wrote about and had the following picture of an Indian drawing of a mammoth on a sandstone cliff near Moab Utah. That certainly dispels the ancient extinction of mammoths.


Dave Nutting

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