Up, Up, and Far Away

While waiting for my flight to Houston, I decided to write a quick note from the Grand Junction Airport.

The Nances, Sue, and Me

Mark Sonmor, AOI’s graphic artist, is finishing the final details on some PowerPoint slides that I will need for teaching on this trip. He will be sending them by email upon completion. There never seems to be enough time to get it all done.

I will meet Allen and Molly Nance, friends of AOI as well as friends of India, in Houston and we will travel together to India.

Some Old Friends

The Nances will be in India for about two weeks and I will be there for three.  I’m planning to meet some old friends and making some new ones.  Of the many things planned for the trip, one of the activities Allen, Molly, and I will be doing together is visiting various mercy homes (orphanages).  I will also be teaching at a pastors’ conference this year, as well as the usual stops.

Please pray that the teaching will go well and God would open their hearts and minds to the teachings we bring. Also pray that He would watch over all of us as we minister to these beautiful people of God.  I will send updates as internet access allows.


Rich Stepanek

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