Of Seminars and Incinerators

Part of my life consists of either driving long distances to conduct seminars or, in this case, flying out for a series of seminars in Kansas.

For those who are squeamish about flying on Friday the 13th, be comforted, I made it. The flights were not nearly as full as normal. However, the ticket price was certainly less considering the day!

I was actually glad the flight from Grand Junction was significantly delayed. I was wondering if I was going to have to run out onto the runway and grab hold of the landing gear. (Well, they do that in the movies, but homeland security wouldn’t appreciate that!)

Anyhow, my time in Kansas was packed with some church seminars, a field trip to a major salt mine (One of my college theses was on the formation of salt deposits – more on this field trip in a later blog). I also spoke at William Barclay College and for a group of teachers for an in-service training. There was a lot packed into the 5 day trip.

It could have been worse!

While I was in Kansas speaking, I snapped a photo I thought our readers might like of my friend’s cat. This kitty just happened to make the mistake of checking what just went into the trash incinerator as the flames came up.

At least this time, curiosity didn’t kill the cat, just singed him a bit! I thought the new handlebar mustache looked rather handsome on this cat.  A little more on this trip in my next blog.


Dave Nutting

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