New Super Shark

Hybrid Shark

There was an interesting story on the TV news recently.  Off the coast of Australia, scientists have discovered a rare find, a wild hybrid shark.  The hybrid shark is a cross between the Australian blacktip, which favors tropical waters to the north, with the larger common blacktip, which favors sub-tropical waters of the south-eastern Australian coastline.

The report stated that they believe this hybrid could be a super shark.  This was evidence of evolution.

Well, probably micro-evolution (small variation within a family or genus of an animal), but certainly not Darwinian macro-evolution (big changes in animals where there will be a completely different family or genus of an animal).  You need to define your terms since some text books are confusing the meanings.

There wasn’t any evidence of Darwinian evolution at all!  They started with sharks and ended with sharks.  This is not evolution, but variation within a kind. The very thing the Bible has been proclaiming for thousands of years.   I will elaborate more on this in another blog.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science has an exhibit stating sharks have changed very little over 450 million years.  Well the earth is not millions of years old, and as we read in the museum, there is no evidence of shark evolution in the past.  Sharks have always been sharks.


Rich Stepanek

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