Passing It On To the Next Generation

Since much of our AOI staff has been with us for a long time, it has been a real blessing to Mary Jo & I to see the individual families mature (grow older together?), and in the case of the Johnsons and Stepaneks, intermarry (Robin and Ryan now have 2 children).

We really have enjoyed our extended family – including our staff kids. One of my favorite picture combos of our staff kids is of Robin Johnson helping Abbey Stepanek with a Creation/Gospel bracelet. The second photo is years later. The now grown-up Abbey Stepanek is helping the next generation, Robin (Johnson) Stepanek’s daughter, River, with a Creation/Gospel bracelet.

That is what we have been advocating at AOI: “Pass the message on to others” so that the next generation is not taken captive by the false philosophy of evolution.

So for this coming year, we also encourage you: Pass it on!


Dave Nutting

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