Kansas Meteorite Museum

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Right after speaking at Barclay College in Kansas, I had what I thought would be just a short 45 minutes to view a museum called the Kansas Meteorite Museum. I then had to be hurried away to Wichita for my plane trip back to Grand Junction. Little did I know that the airplane which was supposed to leave at 5 PM would be 5.5 hours late!  Had I known it would be sooooo late, I would have spent another several hours at the museum. It was fascinating to see the various assorted...

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Photosynthesis – Not so Simple

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(Adapted from Considering God’s Creation, pg. 39) Inside the cells of most plants are structures called chloroplasts, which are a type of organelle [a specialized subunit within a cell that has a specific function – organelles are to the cells what an organ is to the body]. Inside the chloroplasts is a green pigment called chlorophyll, which has the ability to absorb sunlight. The energy from the trapped sunlight is then used in a very complex chemical process called...

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Using Evolution?

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“But couldn’t God have used evolution to make this world and all those different animals?”  Or, “Don’t you think God is powerful enough to have used evolution for creating?”  These are questions that I have been asked more than once by children and adults alike.  My wife Marilyn even asked those questions of her biology teacher in high school.  The teacher’s answer was yes.  In Marilyn’s teaching years, she also taught that God used evolution to create this world.  However,...

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Closed to the Evidence

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In 2005, Dr. John Sanford, a Cornell genetics researcher, co-inventor of the gene sequencing gun, and holder of 25 patents in genetic research, wrote a book called Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome. In it he showed how the entire modern basis for modern evolution, mutation and natural selection, is absolutely dead wrong. One would hope that people would really want to know what this top researcher has shown from his scientific research.  However, I ran across a...

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In my last blog I shared some of the many products we get from plants. Some of the other amazing qualities of plants are the abilities to clean up toxins in waste waters, air, or mining refuse – toxins that are very costly or mechanically difficult for us to remove. The process of using plants for cleanup is called Phytoremediation. The list for plants used and different toxins they are able to cleanup is long … longer than this blog can incorporate. For more...

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Up, Up, and Far Away

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While waiting for my flight to Houston, I decided to write a quick note from the Grand Junction Airport. Mark Sonmor, AOI’s graphic artist, is finishing the final details on some PowerPoint slides that I will need for teaching on this trip. He will be sending them by email upon completion. There never seems to be enough time to get it all done. I will meet Allen and Molly Nance, friends of AOI as well as friends of India, in Houston and we will travel together to...

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The Beewolf

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Beewolf … you might guess that it is a bee that looks like a wolf or maybe a wolf with stripes like a bee … but it is neither. A beewolf is a special kind of wasp found in the United States, Europe and Northern Africa that hunts (like a wolf) bees. Beewolves do not live with other wasps; rather they live alone. In the late spring or early summer, the female beewolf (also known as a digger-wasp) digs an underground tunnel in sandy ground. At the end of her tunnel, she builds...

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Keep the Fire Burning

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When I was young, I recall reading an old Native American legend of how fire came to the Indians. According to the story, the only fire on earth was far away guarded by two old, but very powerful, women. This left the Indians cold and miserable. Because of this, Coyote assembled all the animals together and devised a plan. It would take time to accomplish and would involve most of the animals in the forest. After going to great lengths to make friends with the women and...

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Genealogies: There for a Reason

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Genealogies are to historians what maps are to travelers. Both provide a framework to construct a mental picture – something to hang your hat on. Known to most scholars as the table of nations, Genesis chapters 10 and 11 contain one of the oldest records in the world. This chronology documents a very specific lineage from the development of Noah and his sons after the Genesis Flood into the early nations of the world. Can it be trusted? Most scholars would question its...

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Salt Deposit Tour and Some New Ideas

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While I was doing seminars in Kansas, I was also able to do a field trip to the Kansas Salt Museum at Hutchinson, Kansas. This has been an active salt mine for quite a few years. It is 650 feet underground and according to their estimates, they have enough salt there to last the next 2500 years, even with the fact that the salt is mainly used for roads rather than for food. Of course, a scenario involving millions of years of time for its deposition was liberally sprinkled...

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Of Seminars and Incinerators

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Part of my life consists of either driving long distances to conduct seminars or, in this case, flying out for a series of seminars in Kansas. For those who are squeamish about flying on Friday the 13th, be comforted, I made it. The flights were not nearly as full as normal. However, the ticket price was certainly less considering the day! I was actually glad the flight from Grand Junction was significantly delayed. I was wondering if I was going to have to run out onto the...

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Thank A Plant!

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When you get up in the morning, take a deep breath and thank a plant! Plants take in carbon dioxide that we breathe out and they give back oxygen that you and I need in order to breathe [taken from THANK A PLANT!, Kids Think And Believe Too!, Summer 2004]. Plants give us much more than just oxygen to breathe. Put a plant in some dirt, give it some air, water, and sunshine, and what do you get? You get: oxygen, textiles, lumbers, oils, medicines, paper, foods, grains, herbs,...

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