Scientific Information Is There, We need To Just Look.

I have been teaching recently at The Atrium of Grand Valley, a retirement home, which is located in Grand Junction, CO.   Some of the topics I have covered so far are: The Origin of Life and the Glory of God;  Which God is the One True God; and I am now teaching my Genesis Series starting with Genesis Chapter One.

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The residents have been encouraged and challenged by the Biblical and scientific information.  Many who attend are having their questions answered.  People do not realize the vast amount of scientific information in Genesis.

For example, in Genesis chapter two verse twenty one, God puts Adam to sleep before He operates. It is good to put people to sleep before we operate (anesthesia). Another example is in Genesis chapter thirty with Jacob and his wages (sheep) from Laban.  As a former farmer I worked with genetics, understanding both recessive and dominant genes, hybrids and purebreds, etc.  Jacob also understood these principles of genetics.

When we truly study the Bible one can discover a vast amount of scientific information.


Rich Stepanek

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