What Religion is Best?

“What religion is better than the other religions?” This question was posed to me after I had just spoken to a small group of college wrestlers about creation last week.  The student’s question was a great question.

My answer centered around the idea that all the religions are basically about man trying to work his/her way to heaven and god. Christianity is different and much superior to the others. It is about God reaching out to man.

I then gave the bridge illustration. Basically, we stand on one side of a huge gulf of sin and unrighteousness that separates us from the holiness of God.  So how do we make it to God? No matter what we try on our own, we can’t do it. The only way over to God is if God builds the bridge.

That is exactly what He did. The bridge is Jesus Christ. By acknowledging Him for who He really is, confessing that we have really blown it in our lives, asking Him to cleanse us, and then inviting Him to rule over our lives, we can have fellowship with the living God.

I then told them that all the other religions are trying to build their own bridge. In Christianity, God builds the bridge for us.

I am happy to say that I am confident that the Christian coach who had invited me to speak will follow through to help this student and the others who heard the message walk across that bridge.

For a complete explanation of the bridge illustration that the Navigators use and from where the illustration above is from, please see ‘The Bridge to Life‘ on their website.


Dave Nutting

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