Mockers and Scoffers

Reflecting on our past trip to Minnesota, I still find myself troubled by the response of 2 students at one of the universities. These 2 young women sat right up front with smirks on their faces through most of the presentation, often turning to one another to comment. During the Q&A time and our time one-on-one with them afterwards, things didn’t improve. They continued in an arrogant, mocking spirit. It seems they were completely impervious to any of the points brought up in the presentations or our answers to their questions and comments. It also appears evident that they were there only for the purpose of ridiculing, mocking, and arguing with whatever we said rather than seeking to hear or understand.

It grieves our hearts to see such hardness and deception. However, we take it as a call to prayer – not only for these 2 students, but also for the thousands of others who are being taught to scoff and mock at the Word of God and the evidences of creation. It seems many of these students will believe anything their teachers say or they read on atheistic websites that contradicts or undermines the Bible.

However, the Word of God is powerful, sharp, and active – and the Spirit of God continues to call people to repentance. We are encouraged when we realize that Saul, a skeptic and persecutor of early believers, ended up as a chief apostle to the Gentiles. And we also remember how God called us from our former way of life to follow Him.

So we have hope, as we continue to share the truth of God’s Word with everyone who comes, and we pray that God will bring a harvest. Please pray with us that He will use seeds sown during this past university lecture series to bring many to a saving knowledge of Jesus, and that many would become true disciples in following Him and sharing His Word with others who need to hear.


Mary Jo Nutting

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