Is Evolution Compatible With The Bible?

I have recently had conversations with several theistic evolutionists who believe God used evolution to create. Surprisingly, most of these individuals tell me they also believe the Bible. I have to really question that … is evolution compatible with the Bible?

Sir Arthur Keith, an atheist, (who wrote the forward to Darwin’s book for the 1959 – 100 year anniversary reprint) certainly doesn’t think so. He wrote in his book Evolution and Ethics: “The law of Christ is INCOMPATIBLE [emphasis mine] with the law of evolution . . . The two laws are at war with each other; the law of Christ can never prevail until the law of evolution is destroyed.” I would have to agree with Sir Keith … they are incompatible.

Consider what the Bible teaches in comparison with what evolution teaches:

  1. The Creation account tells us the earth was made (Day 1) before the sun and stars (Day 4).  Evolution teaches the stars and sun came before the earth.
  2. The Creation account tells us the oceans were created (Day 2) before the dry land (Day 3). Evolution teaches the land came before the oceans.
  3. The Creation account tells us light was created (Day 1) before the sun (Day 4). Evolution teaches the sun came before light.
  4. The Creation account tells us land plants were the first life forms (Day 3). The first animals were not created until Day 5. Evolution teaches marine organisms were the first life forms.
  5. The Creation account tells us land plants were created on Day 3 and the sun was not created until Day 4.  Evolution teaches
    the sun came before the land plants.
  6. The Creation account tells us that marine mammals (whales, dolphins, etc.) were created on Day 5 and the land mammals on Day 6. Evolution teaches all animals came from the ocean and then some reverted back to the oceans.
  7. The Creation account tells us the birds were created on Day 5 and land reptiles on Day 6. Evolution teaches reptiles evolved into birds.

These are only a few examples, but as you can see, the two ideas are incompatible.


Lanny Johnson

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