Engaging Students at the University

Out "Playing" at the University

The other day while Mary Jo was doing all the work of putting the finishing touches on the Evolution: Fact or Fiction program for Minnesota State University and also writing some of the next issue of Think and Believe, I went out “playing.” I joined Johnathan Bislew and some of the students in his ministry on the university campus.

They have a table set up where they pass out free candy and engage students in conversation. We also encouraged the students to take a flyer for (and come to) our events.  It is always fun messing with students’ minds who have been so indoctrinated to believe that evolution is science whereas creation is a religious myth.

At the booth, I mentioned to several that I really think that evolution is not science. Instead it is a philosophy posing as science. That got a few good eyebrow raises, but surprisingly very little “nail you to wall type of comments” (unlike the university of Minnesota).  Of course, Johnathan has had plenty of negative bias thrown at him during the last few weeks, but not so much today.

It will be interesting to see how many actually come out. I am looking forward to it! Not for a good argument, but hopefully the Truth will set some of these students free!


Dave Nutting

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