AWANA, Dinosaurs, and Friends

Our fall seminar tour is going very well.  We started with a few holes in the schedule, but as we taught at various AWANA conferences in Idaho and Oregon our schedule became filled to over flowing!

Many adult attendees were excited about the creation message, and wanted their AWANA clubbers to discover creation for themselves.  It is a joy to see the eyes of these children sparkle as they see the dinosaurs on display at their AWANA club.  Their enthusiasm overflows when they discover dinosaurs and the Bible fit together.

The Galbraiths

We also had the opportunity to teach in Alan and Diane Galbraith’s home in Jackson, WY. The Galbraiths have been long time volunteers of AOI.

They invited some of their friends and assorted Bible study groups to their home for evening programs on Tuesday and Thursday.  I taught from the book of Genesis, chapters one through three, and many good discussions arose during the  presentation.

It can be very refreshing, at times, to teach a smaller informal group.  We were also blessed by the fellowship time after the program to interact and get to know the people better.


Rich Stepanek

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