Working on Charlie’s “House”

To help out with the finances when donations are low, I sometimes help my son Ryan, who is a general contractor.  He had quite the job to do in Craig, CO in which he needed an extra hand.  It was a seven day job working almost from sunrise to sunset.  We worked about 12 hours each day.

I brought my computer and projector along, so in the evenings we could have a one hour creation session.  During the week, I experienced this burden to witness to the owner of the house.  So on the last day, I presented a power point message about how you can know for sure if you are going to heaven (the gospel message).  She was not sure if she was going to heaven, but really wanted to know.

After the presentation, she trusted Jesus Christ alone as her Savior!  Praise the Lord!  I was thinking about how many people in the world are desperate to hear the Gospel message, but most Christians are, unfortunately, too scared to tell them!  I have discovered that most people are eager to hear. God does all the work and we just need to be faithful.

Rich Stepanek

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