Making Life Easier?

One of the main tenets of evolution is that animals develop traits and habits that make it easier for them to survive. Yet what we observe in nature goes against this idea. For example, observe a bee:

Each day, bee colonies make a decision of what kind of a flower to gather nectar and pollen from, on that particular day. Then the bees will venture from the colony, not stopping at just any flower, but looking for just that one special kind of flower.

Now consider this – wouldn’t it be a lot easier for the bee to survive if it could get nectar and pollen from any flower? Wouldn’t a bee expending lots of extra energy on a long trip looking for a specific kind of flower be less likely to survive? Doesn’t this go against evolution?

And consider the plant – their survival depends on the bees searching for only one kind of flower at a time. If a bee stops at a daisy, then visits a gardenia, then hops over to a rose, then on to an apple blossom, then heads on home … how would any of those kinds of flowers be pollinated? Flowers can only be pollinated by flowers of the same kind (see Genesis 1: 11-12.)

This particular habit of bees is more beneficial to the plant than it is to the bee itself. It is apparent that bees were created with a special design or purpose … helping flowers survive.

Information derived from: Exploring Creation With Botany,
Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc. Jeannie K. Fulbright, 2004


Lanny Johnson

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