IFCA National Convention

Teaching 18 hours at IFCA

Recently, Sue and I presented a children’s creation program for the IFCA International Pastor’s Convention at Ft. Mitchell, KY.  We had about 40 children, which was more than we were expecting.  We were scheduled to teach them for 18 hours.  It was definitely a challenge.  We had never presented a children’s program for 18 hours before! 

With Dr. Lofquist, Director of the IFCA

God is so good!  With Sue’s planning and organizational skills, and God’s strength and guidance, the ministry was a success.  Along with the children’s program, I had the opportunity to teach four and a half hours to the adults.  The creation message was very well received.  Many of the pastors have a great desire for this information to be taught in their churches. We thank, and pray for, our many donors that make teaching like that possible.

Rich Stepanek

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