Think About the Human Brain

I am amazed at how many people would quickly say that the presidential heads of Mount Rushmore were well designed and crafted by a master designer and yet turn around and look at human heads and say that they are the product of millions of years of evolutionary accidents. The rock heads don’t think. They have no brain! Yet the human heads have brains (and sometimes think!).

It just doesn’t compute. How can anyone believe the human brain is a product of evolution? It is much more sophisticated than our best computers. It is faster, more compact, and can multi-task much more efficiently than even IBM’s supercomputer that is used in our country’s defense department. Even IBM said that their computer wouldn’t come close to what the human brain can do.

Think about it! 12 billion cells, 100 trillion connections, better than our best, well-designed computers! We need to turn off the stony blind acceptance of evolution and really think. Is it reasonable and rational to believe the human head and even more so, the human brain, is the product of blind chance? Even throwing in the outdated and demonstrably weak hypothesis of mutations (mistakes) coupled with natural selection won’t salvage this for evolution.

Dave Nutting

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