A Very Scientific Mind

“Why do you have to teach creation?” This was a question a lady posed to us, after we shared with her what our ministry involved. We explained that we “have” to teach Biblical Creation because most children are only taught evolution in the public school system.

She acknowledged that evolution is taught in the schools, but didn’t see why that was a problem. “I am a Christian,” she declared. “But I also have a very scientific mind. I think God used evolution to make all things.”

Marilyn shared with her that at one time she had also held the same view, but by studying the Bible found the ideas of Creation and evolution were incompatible. One point Marilyn made was the Biblical creation order – God made the plants on day 3 of Creation and the sun, moon and stars on day 4. On the other hand, evolution teaches that the sun was formed millions of years before any life on earth. The two ideas are incompatible.

...and we pray it was planted on fertile soil.

I shared with her that as a geologist (she was impressed that we both had science degrees) who once believed in evolution, I had changed my viewpoint after really looking at the evidence (or lack thereof) for evolution. I explained that I was referring to macro-evolution versus micro-evolution, explaining both in very easy to understand terms.

That is when her shutters came up. She muttered something to the effect of safe travels, but she had quit listening. Her mind was apparently already firmly made up and she was unwilling to listen any further. Her “truths” were based on her own opinions and those of some scientist (NOT these two in front of her), rather than what the Bible teaches.

As we drove away, we wondered what the lady and her middle-aged son were probably saying about those two crazy mixed-up scientists. We have been tuned out, mocked and laughed about before, but a small seed was planted … we pray it was planted on fertile soil.

Lanny Johnson

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