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God’s Handiwork! Amazing!

I was just thinking about the marvel of God’s Creation. The detail He put into His creation is absolutely amazing. Look at the exquisite designs of the snowflake (earlier blog), the wonderful design of our eyes, or think about the intricate details and bewildering complexity of the cell. Looking deeper we see even more supreme technology in the inner workings of the cell, including sophisticated molecular motors and the computer instructions we call the DNA.

Contrast that with what man has made.  My brother-in-law sells some of the most beautiful grandfather and mantle clocks, which are certainly products of master craftsmen. Anyone looking at them would be amazed. However, even when the finest craftsman produces an exquisite piece, closer inspection reveals flaws! It cannot be avoided. Extremely fine sandpaper scratches and other very slight imperfections become visible under magnification. 

The point is, the closer you look at what man has made, the worse it appears.  However, the closer you look at what God has made, the better it looks.  We are forced to exclaim, “WOW!  God’s handiwork is amazing!”

Discover Creation – Worship the Creator!

Dave Nutting

“Historic-earth” Creationist

“Are you a Young Earth or an Old Earth creationist?” This is a question we get quite often, especially when trying to set up seminars with churches or groups that have never seen or heard of our program. My answer used to always be “Young Earth”. However, I now give a different answer to the question.

Now don’t get me wrong … I do believe in a young earth, recently created about 6000 years ago. I believe in that age because of the genealogies of the Bible, God’s Word. Therefore, today I like to use the term “Historic-earth” creationist (a term coined by Mr. Tom Godfrey as related by John D. Morris, Ph.D. in an article he wrote in How Young Is the Young Earth?, Acts and Facts, Dec 1, 2004. ).

I realize that “Young Earth” and “Old Earth” are the traditional terms used to describe the age of the Earth and are still valid. However, they can be somewhat misleading. If you believe the very first revelation in the Bible,”In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1), as I do, then consider this … nothing is older than the Earth. All the rest of Creation was created AFTER that event. Therefore, in that aspect, it is an “Old Earth”. The term “Young Earth” is in actuality a comparison to the 4.6 billion years of evolutionary cosmology.

I therefore agree with Tom when he “suggests we call ourselves “historic-earth creationists,” not only because it is accurate, but it acknowledges the true history of Scripture.”

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:” II Timothy 3:16

Lanny Johnson