The Power of the Internet

AOI across the globe

The ministry of Alpha Omega is primarily a traveling ministry. Each team travels thousands of miles a year, teaching thousands of people the truth of Biblical Creation and salvation through Jesus Christ. Traveling is not only very tiring, it is also very costly. I am excited to see how our website is reaching out to people we could never physically be able to reach.

Looking at the world map, you can see many areas shaded in dark to light green. These are the areas where people have viewed articles on our web site. This was just in one week’s time! Hits to our web site are continuing to increase on a daily basis, many coming from “tweets” and “re-tweets” on tools like Twitter ( ). You might consider following us on Twitter.

Early this spring we are planning to start Webinars (watch for future announcements), where we will be able to do our talks with anyone interested via the internet. It is very exciting to see the new technology that is at our finger tips and how that allows us to reach the world with God’s Truth.

Lanny Johnson

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