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2010 Speaking Impacts Kids and Adults

2010 was a busy, “ministry-packed” year with 187 separate speaking/teaching events in 17 states (AZ, CO, CT, IL, KS, MN, MO, MT, NE, NM, OR, SD, TX, UT, WA, WI, WY) as well as internationally in India and The Netherlands. Of these 187 events, over 20 were multiple-day events of 5 to 12 days (VBS’s, camps, and extended field trip classes). Speakers reported a total of 439 speaking days (not including travel and layover days).

That’s a lot of speaking for our 3 main speaking teams (Dave and Mary Jo Nutting, Lanny and Marilyn Johnson, and Richard and Susan Stepanek) and for AOI-trained volunteers. This means lots of people were touched by AOI with the Creation message and the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 2010.

We are grateful for safety, health, and energy over all those miles and busy ministry days. We are also grateful for the many open doors and the thousands of young people and adults who heard the message. Of these, we have heard that nearly 100 came to the Lord as a result of the messages and/or from “being released from the burden of evolution.” Hundreds more were challenged to “stand firmly” on the Truth of God’s Word and to grow in their own relationship with God through these seminars, camps, VBSs, and other events.

If you have been praying and contributing to the ministry of AOI, THANK YOU! Your partnership with us makes it possible for us to continue to spread the truth of creation and the Gospel.   

Do you know people who would benefit from AOI teaching? Consider how hearing the truth about creation and God’s Word could impact your friends, family, and community. Our speakers are now scheduling events in 2011 and on into 2012. Contact us ASAP to schedule an AOI event in your area.

Dave Nutting

If you would like to see if an AOI seminar is right for you, or you would like to help the work of Alpha Omega Institute, please visit our website events page or our donate page. Keep up to date with what AOI is doing.  Thanks for your partnership.

Another Miracle of Life

Just weeks ago, my youngest grandson of 5 years old stated that he wanted a baby for Christmas, and that wish has been constantly in his prayers. My wife and I have been praying the same prayer, but truly wondered if it would ever happen. My oldest daughter was experiencing a lot of health concerns that were pointing to a possible hysterectomy. Yesterday, we again learned how long God’s arm can be … my daughter is carrying a 7 week old miracle … she is once again with child!

I have a presentation called “The Miracle of Life, part 1″, where we look at the steps necessary for conception, focusing mainly on the male reproductive system. For reproduction to take place, you first have to have a cell containing DNA. The likelihood of a living cell happening by chance and accident has been calculated to be 1 chance in 1040,000   (Hoyle and Wickramasingh) … that’s the number one followed by 40,000 zeroes. In other words, the probability of life happening through the process of evolution is zero!

There are a minimum of 34 different processes that have to be in working order for conception to even take place. Evolutionary literature is full of hypothetical stories about how all of these processes originated … but completely without any real scientific evidence to explain them. The best explanation … these processes were placed by the Lord Jesus in the first parents, Adam and Eve, fully functional, right from the beginning.

And the LORD said to Moses, “Has the LORD’S arm been shortened? Now you shall see whether what I say will happen to you or not.” Numbers 11:23 

Lanny Johnson

Church Sign of the Week:


If you would like to see if an AOI seminar is right for you, or you would like to help the work of Alpha Omega Institute, please visit our website events page or our donate page. Keep up to date with what AOI is doing.  Thanks for your partnership.

Wait Upon the Lord

The AOI Board met this past weekend to consider direction and set the budget for 2011. This January meeting is always vital as we seek the Lord together to discern His goals and budget for the year. We are so grateful for a Board that prays!

This year, we face a very real challenge, as year-end giving was substantially down. Since we already operate on a very “lean” budget, cutting expenses by much would be detrimental to our ability to reach people with the truth of creation and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, after prayer and consideration of Scripture, the Board determined to move ahead, trimming where we can, but trusting in the Lord and focusing our efforts on the ministry He lays before us.

Psalm 127 says: “Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it; except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.” This is God’s work. If we attempt to do it apart from Him, it is all in vain. However, we also have a part to play – we must build and we must watch [be on guard].

Isaiah 40:21-31 reminds us that God is Creator; He is in control and does not grow weary. As we wait [hope or trust] on Him, He will renew our strength. Then we will “run and not be weary” and “walk and not faint.” In other words, we will have strength both for the “sprints” and the long haul.

The battle rages around us. Please pray that all of us at AOI will continue to look to the LORD, put our hope in HIM, and walk out each day, doing exactly what HE shows us without fainting or turning back.

Mary Jo Nutting

If you would like to see if an AOI seminar is right for you, or you would like to help the work of Alpha Omega Institute, please visit our website events page or our donate page. Keep up to date with what AOI is doing.  Thanks for your partnership.


Last week, I was able to attend a pastor’s regional conference. At the conference I had the opportunity to share a little about AOI’s ministries, and to hear from pastors about some of the victories and defeats they experienced this last year. I heard lots of good “stuff”, but one talk really got me to thinking.

In John 4, we read the account of Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well. As a result of this woman’s encounter with Jesus, she believed, and immediately went to town to tell others of the good news of Jesus Christ.

A missionary pastor from Albania (a very atheistic country) tells how many people in that country are coming to know Jesus. Twenty five years ago there were probably only 5 or 6 Christians there. Today it is estimated there are over 10,000 believers. Many of the new Christians are immediately going out among their friends and sharing the joy and hope of their salvation. They don’t wait to be baptized, or to be trained, or to study and learn the Bible … they are so passionate about the joy of their salvation that they want to share their experience immediately. The pastor has coined a word for these people – “Passionaries”.

Hearing these accounts of Passionaries, I wondered … have many of us lost our passion for our salvation through Jesus Christ? Do we need to ask the Lord to once again stir our hearts for a desire to share the message with others, to once again be bold Passionaries?

Lanny Johnson

Church sign of the week:

Freaked Out!

I just received these thoughts from a man in Texas who we have had the privilege to help train in creation. What he reports really concerns me:

The Spanish pastor at my church shared with me that our denomination’s theology conference was taking place at our local church and that there was a Genesis & Science session. Without even thinking about it (and doing my due diligence), I asked for a free pass to this session and eagerly attended. It all seemed fine and dandy until the speaker . . . (yes, I should have done my research before coming in to waste my time here) began saying that he believed that Genesis 1:2 referred to a time where Satan and the angels who followed him fell and that is why the beautiful creation was formless and void. Wow! Then he said that he was sure the universe had a beginning and that it was at the beginning, but he could not say when that beginning happened; that he could only talk about historical times beginning with Abraham; that he could not assure that the 6 days of creation were actual 24-hour days; that you cannot take ALL of Genesis 1-11 literal… He could not address the issue of dinosaurs and Noah’s ark, nor how could you talk about a young earth if the earth gives the appearance of millions of years.

Yes, he presented some solid theology, but intertwined with some strange beliefs to say the least.

As if this wasn’t enough, during the Q&A session, the questions that came from the pastors caught me off guard showing a complete lack of knowledge on the subject, some of them preaching right now about Genesis but not being able to address questions coming from their congregation.

Man… this is really a depressing and worrying situation. . . . Even though I’ve read on the denomination’s site that they believe in basically what I believe, this session freaked me out.

This underscores the importance of scheduling AOI speakers at these conferences! God’s Word does not have to be compromised! For more information, see and

Dave Nutting

Created by Nothing

I am writing a news article on the origin of everything, and wanted to blog on a couple of thoughts.  There are basically two ideas about how everything came to be.  One is that an intelligent “being” created all things.  As a Christian who believes the Bible is true, I say this intelligent “being” is none other than the eternal living God of the Bible,  Who has the power to do all things. 

The second idea is that an eternal nothing created all things.  However, this idea violates the First Law of Thermodynamics which states that neither matter nor energy can be created nor destroyed.  So how can nothing with no power, no intelligence, and no actual presence do anything? 

One “explanation” supposes gravity to be negative and matter positive. Since they are equal to each other, a positive (matter) minus an equal amount of negative (gravity) equals nothing.  There you have it!  No violation of the First Law of Thermodynamics, you start with nothing you end with nothing.

I think we can demonstrate this to be nonsense.  If you jumped out of a twenty story building, there is something called gravity that will have an effect on your body.  Gravity will draw you to something material, and in this case, it is the ground.  Does gravity being negative and ground being positive  cancel each other out so that you would essentially hit nothing?  Of course not! The Bible warns us about vain imaginations (Romans 1:21).

Rich Stepanek

The Power of the Internet

AOI across the globe

The ministry of Alpha Omega is primarily a traveling ministry. Each team travels thousands of miles a year, teaching thousands of people the truth of Biblical Creation and salvation through Jesus Christ. Traveling is not only very tiring, it is also very costly. I am excited to see how our website is reaching out to people we could never physically be able to reach.

Looking at the world map, you can see many areas shaded in dark to light green. These are the areas where people have viewed articles on our web site. This was just in one week’s time! Hits to our web site are continuing to increase on a daily basis, many coming from “tweets” and “re-tweets” on tools like Twitter ( ). You might consider following us on Twitter.

Early this spring we are planning to start Webinars (watch for future announcements), where we will be able to do our talks with anyone interested via the internet. It is very exciting to see the new technology that is at our finger tips and how that allows us to reach the world with God’s Truth.

Lanny Johnson

Church sign of the week:

Polar Bears and Dogs Playing!

I just saw a short video on the website showing adult polar bears playing with sled dogs. They were quite friendly with each other. The bears actually gave the dogs “bear hugs.”  Both the dogs and the bears are carnivores and could be quite vicious. It made me think of what the original creation was like with all the animals getting along with each other — perhaps playing like these were. Likely, Adam & Eve were also thoroughly enjoying them. Unfortunately, then came the Fall and now it is a surprise to see big carnivores like bears gleefully playing with other animals. What a Fall – what a shame!

Don’t you just long for the time when the lion and the wolf will lie down together once again as the Bible indicates will happen? (By the way, if evolution is true, that would not have been commonplace in the evolutionary past and will never be that way in the future!)

Dave Nutting

Taken For Granted

Some evolutionary proponents teach that fingernails are left over claws from our early ancestors, and that they are disappearing for lack of use. Lack of use?  I recently lost the fingernail on my left index finger because of a workshop accident. Since then, I have realized how many uses there are for fingernails. We use them for scratching itches, peeling fruit, dealing with price tags, access hatches, battery covers, product labels, can tabs, duct tape, masking tape, and slots on pocket knife blades. Try picking up a dime from the floor without the use of a finger nail or some substitute tool. Fingernails are really well designed tools with a multitude of uses. We use them so much we often take them for granted.

The children of Israel journeyed through the wilderness for forty years.  All that time, God provided wonderful miracles for them: freeing them from slavery, parting the Red Sea, providing them water, feeding them daily with manna, treating them with quail, and guiding them with a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night! Yet they became very hard hearted toward Him! It seems that over time God’s miracles and provision just became commonplace and they began to take them for granted!

Before we click our tongues, shake our heads, and point a finger at those “terrible, ungrateful” Israelites, let’s take a look at ourselves. Don’t we often do the same thing? It happens to the best of us. Let’s not take our Lord for granted!

He hath made his wonderful works to be remembered: the LORD is gracious and full of compassion. Psalms 111:4

Lanny Johnson

I love Church signs and have decided to add a new one to each blog. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Church sign of note:

Truth Decay


In my past 2 blogs (His Workmanship and Chosen to Bear Fruit), I have looked a little bit at what it means to be a new creation in Christ and how we can bear fruit. The Bible talks much about fruitfulness – and bearing fruit for His Kingdom is one of the greatest desires of my life. But the question might be asked: What is this fruit?

We often think of souls won for the Kingdom of God, and certainly this is wonderful fruit for which we can be grateful. But fruitfulness is manifest in many other ways as well – through good works, a life lived in humility, deeds consistent with repentance, a thankful heart and lips of praise. Our fruit is exhibited through our attitudes and actions.

According to Galatians 5:22-23, the fruit of the Spirit is “love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance [self-control].” However, this fruit is not just feelings. How can I claim to have love, and not be a loving person? How can I have joy, and constantly be in a bad mood? How can I have peace, and still be a worry wart? Kindness, gentleness, goodness, patience, and self-control are all known and shown by actions.

If I am kind, I will do kind deeds. If I am meek, I will freely and willingly take the lower place and seek the good of others. How can faith and longsuffering be manifest but in situations and relationships that require patience and endurance – loving, forgiving, and bearing with others? Our actions and attitudes show whether our lives are producing good fruit or bad.

Jesus chose us to bear much fruit, God is glorified by our fruitfulness. We bear fruit by submitting to the will of our Father, staying connected to the vine (Jesus), and being filled with His Spirit. May each of us determine to live in such a way that we will bear much fruit and bring Him much glory in 2011.

Mary Jo Nutting