I am amazed how much young children, even 6 or 7 years old, can grasp! A young girl listened intently as I began my sermon at her church. Without telling the congregation that I was role-playing and pretending to be an evolutionary teacher, I threw out a barrage of short “scientific facts,” supposedly supporting evolution. I also included some supposed contradictions in the Bible.

With each one I asked, “How can you believe your Bible when we know ______. . . ?“  Some in the congregation began looking at each other, evidently wondering if the pastor had invited the wrong guy in to speak. But this one young girl looked more and more troubled as I continued the barrage.  Finally she blurted out, “No-ooooo-oooo-ooo!”

Of course at that point, I let the congregation know that I was role-playing to illustrate what their school children and university students were regularly getting in the class room and from the internet and media. The consequence of that indoctrination is that a high percentage of students abandon their faith.

During that sermon, I was able to answer the “How can you believe your Bible when …” questions (and relieve the congregations concerns about the guy their pastor had invited to speak)! Unfortunately, millions of other students don’t know there are answers to these questions and end up abandoning their faith. We wish that they could get the information so that, like this young girl, they can confidently say, “No-ooooo-oooo-ooo!” to evolution.

Dave Nutting

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