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Coincidence or God-cidence ?

Do you believe in coincidences? I usually like to call them God-cidences.

I was really up to my neck with things to do before the next speaking trip and needed to get the articles written quickly for the next issue of Think & Believe. The article I wanted to write to fit the flow of the issue was on the communications of honeybees. I made myself a note to begin doing research the next AM for some of the latest info on honeybee communication.

Not having computer web access, I turned on my smart phone to surf the web. I was surprised that it automatically took me to the New York Times news site. Guess what was in the headlines? God saved me a lot of research time as there was a big bold headline about the latest research on honeybee communication just posted that day! I have referenced it in the article, so stay tuned for bee communication in the next issue of Think & Believe! I love those God-cidences! Thank You Lord!

Dave Nutting


After a seminar the other evening, an elderly gentleman (CW for short) came up to me an introduced himself. He had been a professor of physics at a nearby secular university for over 25 years, retiring a few years ago. I had noticed him during my talks that evening … he was seated with his wife and a friend, all with beaming smiles and nodding heads the whole time I spoke … public speakers love this type of person!

He had heard the Nuttings speak in the early 90’s, and had come to hear one of AOI’s “new” speakers. CW shared that for a long period of time at the university he had offered an accredited course on Creation. He had many students enrolled every semester in the course. As you can imagine, it was not well received by the rest of the science professors, who were predominately evolutionist. He was a burr under the saddle to the head of the science department, who felt that his, CW’s, class was “an embarrassment to be on the curriculum catalog.”  

While CW was on leave one summer, the head of the department managed to underhandedly delete the Creation course. However, CW continued to share his views of creation in his physics classes and even offered after-school Bible studies to his students. Amazingly, he was never fired, as many are, for his Biblical viewpoint. Now retired, he is still sharing his faith and teaching Bible studies in his area.

It is so refreshing to meet individuals who are shining lights, boldly sharing their faith on the secular college campuses throughout these United States. May the Lord bless them for their boldness!

 Lanny Johnson

Continuing to Go Well

I just want to finish up the the details of our time at Cornerstone Bible Institute, again, things went very well.  Tuesday through Thursday, I had the opportunity to teach in Chapel and on Monday I taught the Genesis class.  I was able to cover Genesis chapters 2-3 in a subsequent Genesis class.  Wednesday evening I presented ‘The Folly of Dolly and Stem Cells’.  It was an eye opener for some people. 

The teaching at Crawford, NE also went very well.  On Sunday morning, I presented my intelligent design program along with Biblical evidence that Jesus is the Intelligent Designer (Creator).  I finished with a gospel message and my own testimony.  God blessed the service with some of the adults trusting Christ as Saviour. Praise the Lord!

Rich Stepanek

Thanks Upon Thanks

I just read Lanny’s blog (yesterday’s titled-The Right Choice)  where he was thanking Mary Jo & I for the Creation seminar we conducted many years ago. That seminar caused him to re-evaluate and finally reject his atheism and later come on staff with us at AOI.  I am just wondering how many, young and old, have now gone to Lanny and Marilyn’s presentations on Creation, have had their faith in evolution or Atheism challenged, and like Lanny are now walking with the Lord.

We know of about 100 per year that have responded to the Gospel presentation during their seminars, but how many were just like Lanny and went home mulling over the material and later came to Christ? Lanny & Marilyn, I’ll bet that number is huge. I also think about the thousands of kids who were already in the church but were strengthened to stand firmly on God’s Word because of your responding to God’s call on your lives to multiply the message. Thank YOU for joining AOI ministry and diligently speaking to kids and adults for more than 16 years now!

Dave Nutting

The Right Choice

We see many different reactions to the message of Creation we present at various locations. Last week, an elderly man got up and stomped out after listening to only 10 minutes of a talk on human origins. His grandson came up after the program and shared that his 81 year old grandfather was a stoic believer in evolution, and had only come to the program at the grandson’s request. Apparently, the older gentleman did not like what he was hearing.

 I was reminded that in 1990 something very similar happened to me. I had been invited to attend a debate on Creation and evolution. I willingly went because I was anxious to learn up-to-date arguments for evolution, so that I could better argue my belief in evolution. As an atheist at that time, I was not very happy to discover that the “debate” was in a church. On top of that the friend that invited me had lied … it was not a debate! It was a seminar put on by Alpha Omega Institute, with Dave and Mary Jo Nutting. I could have got up and stomped out, just as the grandfather had done, but I grudgingly made a choice to sit and listen to what these two speakers had to say.

After the seminar, I was still not convinced this God they had expounded upon existed, but they had certainly shared many thoughts on the problems of evolution. Without agreeing with them, I was challenged to look into what I had based my evolutionary dogma upon. I am so thankful that I was tricked into going to that AOI presentation, and that I made the right choice that evening … to at least listen. The seeds of doubt about evolution were planted, and the truth of God’s Creation was revealed. Thank you Dave and Mary Jo for being faithful and sharing the truth to so many over the years.

 Lanny Johnson

The Blessing of Teaching

Teaching at Cornerstone Bible Institute was a blessing!  The students were very inquisitive and eager to learn.  On Monday mornings, the freshmen would attend a two hour Genesis class.  I was invited to teach my Genesis series as part of the class.  Usually each chapter takes about an hour to teach, but we spent two hours on chapter one alone, and were still unable to finish it .  I continued the next week in finishing chapter one and went on to the subsequent chapters.  Please pray that the seeds planted in this study will continue to grow in the students.  It is a blessing to see the young with a earnestness to study the word. Oh, that more would hunger for the true word of God.

Rich Stepanek

Typical Teaching Week on the Road – pt 2

Early morning traveling

Thanks for joining me again, as we continue on, in a typical teaching week on the road.  Here we go…..

Saturday – Get up early … On the road traveling by 7:30 … Drive for 6 hrs.  … Arrive in Fremont, NE, at church … Set up books … Get settled into provided home … Dine with church elder and wife … Return to guest home and in bed by 10 pm.

Sunday – Get up early … Get to church early to set up slides and sound … Teach 1 hr. first church service … Teach 1 hr. Bible School for all ages (5 yrs. – 95 yrs. Old) … Teach 1 hr. second church service … 30 minutes answering questions and selling books … Meet with a small group for pizza lunch followed by 1 hr. of more Questions and Answers … To guest home at 2:30 pm … Get to church early to set up puppet stage … Pot luck supper at 5:45 with church members … … Teach for 2 hrs. … Answer questions and sell literature … Home by 9:45 … To sleep by 11:30.

One of many booktables

Monday – Get up early … Work on newsletter … Work on powerpoint presentation … Work on blog … Teaching evening much like Thursday … Answer questions and sell literature … Pack up all equipment and books and load them in vehicle … Get to guest home about 10:30 pm … Get to sleep about 11-12 pm.

 Tuesday – Get up early for travel.

 This is fairly typical for all the speakers at AOI. I am not complaining mind you … I love what God has called us to do. I do have to admit though, we do get weary after a while on the road. As we get older, it takes a little longer for our energy level to bounce back day after day. Yet, the Lord keeps providing the strength and energy and opportunities for us to continue on in this ministry.

 Lanny Johnson

Typical Teaching Week on the Road – pt 1

Studying the fossils

While out on the road on teaching circuits, all of the speakers at AOI try to take every opportunity to teach about God and His Creation. The following is a rough breakdown of more-or-less typical week of ministry in the field:

 Monday and Tuesday – Travel to Ainsworth, NE. … Meet with church officials and get settled in with a host family (another 25 minutes of travel to their home).

 Wednesday – Have lunch and visitation with Pastor or members of the church (typical 2+ hours) … Get to church an hour early for set up  … 15 minutes teaching scripture with Eugene the puppet … 40 minutes teaching … 5 minutes teaching about hands-on event for break… 10-15 minute break (for attendees, not us) doing hands- on event (creation bracelets or fossil lab) , answering questions, selling books, and getting next presentation set up …… 40-45 minutes teaching  … Answer questions and sell literature … Get to host family about 9:45 pm … Get to sleep about 11-12 pm.

Teaching homeschoolers

 Thursday – A day and evening very much like Wednesday … Answer questions and sell literature … Load up books and projector equipment, and fossils … Get to host family about 10:15 pm … Get to sleep about 11-12 pm.

Friday – Arise at 5:30 am … leave host family home a 7 am … travel one hour to O’Neill, NE …

1 hour set up books, equipment, and fossils for a Homeschool group … Teach 2 ½ hours with Q&A … Pack up equipment … Meet with Homeschool families for a one hour picnic lunch … travel one hour back to host family … Get to church an hour early for set up (unload books and equipment again!) … Teach for 2 hrs. … Answer questions and sell literature … Pack up all equipment and books and load them in vehicle … Get to host family about 10:30 pm … Get to sleep about 11-12 pm. Join us Monday to see how the weekend went  and the new week began. I need to get some sleep for tomorrow.

Lanny Johnson