Netherlands Update 1: A Divine Appointment

As Christians, we pray and believe that God directs our paths each day, but sometimes He gives us clear confirmation of His leading. Upon receiving the invitation to teach in the Netherlands, we were not sure it was God’s timing, as we already had a very packed schedule for the summer. However, as we prayed, we became convinced that God was indeed opening the door for us to go.

Our decision was confirmed on the second leg of our flight. When I noticed one of the flight attendants reading a novel by a Christian author, I commented on the book and that began a conversation. After inquiring about our trip, she shared her concern for her two teen-aged children who were being heavily influenced by their public schools and by their peers, to the point that both of them were questioning their faith and looking for alternatives.

 This caring mom was excited as I shared some ideas and suggested resources to help her give her kids the information they needed to confirm the truth of the Bible and the uniqueness of Jesus. As we parted, she told me that she had prayed on her way to work that morning that God would send help for reaching her kids. She felt that our conversation was an answer to her prayer. Praise God!

Please pray with me that that these two teens – and multitudes of others like them – will be able to get the answers they need to have confidence in the reliability of the Bible and the truth of Jesus.

Mary Jo Nutting

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