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Home Again

We often talk about “road time,” because that’s when we are “out there” speaking and connecting with people, but what about “home time?” Of course, when you first get home, there is unpacking, laundry, sorting mail, paying bills, touching bases with family, and “catching up” on business. Then, whatever you would “normally” do on weekends and evenings now needs to be squeezed into half the time. Home maintenance suffers and “To Do” lists mount up. Friends begin to think you have dropped off the face of the earth, and your pastor introduces himself to you at church. Certain things just have to go – like regular attendance at your own church, Bible Study, prayer meeting, or exercise classes. Any kind of “routine” schedule around the house is out. Doctors, dentists, vehicle maintenance, etc. all have to be juggled into the “in between” slots, and you either have to hire yard-care, impose on friends and family, live in a jungle, or find a low-maintenance design and forget about gardening. At work there is scheduling, studying, lecture prep, newsletter writing, meetings, and other obligations. And then, just about the time you are settling in, it’s time to start packing, pay the bills, print out your itinerary, clean out the fridge, and hit the road again. Not complaining – just explaining! But now you see why your prayers are so vital – for our “home time” as well as when we are “on the road.” Thanks for praying!

Mary Jo


Now don’t get me wrong … I am a Young Earth Creationist and believe that each day of Creation was a literal 24 hour period. However, about a week before leaving on major road trips, I begin to wish God had made the days a little longer. Even with all the planning, there never seems to be enough time to get everything done. Get all the fluids changed in the vehicle to hopefully make it road worthy – Get all the repairs that NEED repairing on the home done  (the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics never takes a rest!) – Get the next draft of the Kids Think and Believe newsletter done – Get some more writing done (which is like pulling teeth for me) – Get the artwork for Kids newsletter started or finished – Get the suitcases packed – Get the books loaded – Kiss all the kids and grandkids goodbye – I know there is more … but I won’t remember what until we get out on the road. Don’t be misled … I love this ministry … it just the getting ready that wears on me (and Marilyn, too). I praise the Lord this is His ministry and He is the one in control – but I really could use longer days at times!

Lanny Johnson      5/21/10

Colorado to Texas via Wyoming?

Grand Junction, CO, to San Antonio, TX, via Douglas, Wyoming? Not the most direct route, but with back-to-back homeschool conferences, it didn’t make sense to drive home in between. So we rented a car and set off for a packed 2 weeks. At the Wyoming conference, we ran a booth and did 9 hours of teaching for teens (2 of these sessions were combined with adults). Yes, the teens stayed awake, interested, and engaged, and we were grateful for the opportunity to reach this younger generation with the truth of creation! After the LONG drive to San Antonio, we were happy to see a good turnout for the FEAST (Family Educators Association of South Texas) convention. Despite a major deluge on Friday, our booth and teaching sessions were well attended and we got to talk with lots of young parents about the importance of teaching their children the truth about creation. After 3200 miles, two homeschool conferences, presentations for a church youth group and Christian school, time to catch-up with folks at the Institute for Creation Research, plus lots of visiting with host families and friends of AOI, it’s good to be home for a short time! THANK YOU to all who organized speaking events and hosted us, and THANK YOU to our ministry partners who faithfully undergird this ministry with prayer and support. YOU are much appreciated!

Mary Jo Nutting

New newsletter online

We just wanted to let our partners and readership know that we are posting all of our Think and Believe and Kids Think and Believe, Too!  newsletters on our ever expanding website.  We have every single edition posted online, even back to the beginning – Yes, back to 1984.  We will be adding indexes (topical and chronological) in the near future for both publications.  You can read the two newest newsletters through our website at, or directly through the links below.  Thanks to everyone who helps us get these publications out.  Send the links to friends, family, and those who need the truth.  Remember, you can always use the new Discover Creation search engine on our site for study and research.  You can search just our site, or from many reputable creation science sites such as ICR, AIG, and CMI.  We have tailored the search so you can rely on the findings.  But always remember to check all things with Scripture.

Your friends at AOI


I had just finished teaching Fibonacci Numbers & The Divine Proportion: The Hand of God, in a small Texas church, when a smiling, very enthusiastic elderly gentleman approached me. He grabbed my hand and giving it a good shake exclaimed, “Young man (he was in his eighties), I have been to many revivals over the years, and I have to tell you … this is definitely one of the finest I have ever heard. Thank you young man for sharing your passion for God with us!” I was naturally flattered, but also confused. I had never had one of my talks called a “revival”. I thought maybe the kind gentleman was just confused, until he went on. “We tend to get lazy and apathetic when it comes to thinking about God. By showing us things that only God could have done has gotten me excited about God again!” It is refreshing to see people get excited about their Creator.

Lanny Johnson

Creation Ministry in India

       Sue and I along with Allen and Molly Nance had the opportunity to travel to Hyderabad, India Jan. 19th though Feb. 4th.  We hit the ground running teaching a church seminar the evening we arrived.   Pastor Elisha of Zion Gospel Church (Hyderabad) planned our teaching schedule, and he kept us all busy.  Sundays were always our busiest days starting with an English speaking church at 7:30 a.m.   Then from 10:30 to 1:00 Sue and Molly taught the children, Allen taught the teens, and I taught the adults in an Indian speaking church.   Allen and I had the honor to teach some Bible colleges, Christian schools, and pastors’ conferences.  We discovered many of the pastors and Bible students had been taught the Gap Theory (a compromise with evolution). When they were shown through the teaching of science that the Bible is literally true, the air of confusion over Genesis was lifted, and the hunger to know more was fueled.   The highlight of the trip was ministering at the children’s home.  Many evenings Allen, Molly, Sue, and I would travel to the home to do a children’s program.  The program consisted of teaching English songs, crafts, memory verses, Bible stories, science experiments, and creation teaching.  We made many friends and memories.  We would like to thank you all for your prayers and support.  Without your help opportunities like these would not be possible.

Richard Stepanek

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